Lenny Rozental

Agency growth catalyst.

"The only source of knowledge is experience."

- Albert Einstein

Over a decade of experience in B2B business development & digital marketing solutions in hands-on & managerial capacities.

6M+ in sales 

of agency services within the past 24 months.


recurring revenue within 18 months.


average contract size in 24 months.

Recruited, developed, & managed multi-role sales & marketing teams

(SDRs, BDRs, Partnerships, Managers, Coordinators, SEM's, SEO's, Associates).

Developed consultative sales processes,

workflows, and systems for reporting and management.

Created new digital service offerings

(pricing, positioning, proposal templates, T&C's, etc.) including web design, development, maintenance & support, SEO, SEM, strategy, branding, + more.

Implemented departmental & project P&L reports

and processes, for managing project scope/cost/profitability.

Get In Touch:


I'm here to help you:

Bring in the clients you want to work with.

Because you’re wasting your time on unqualified prospects and clients with low lifetime value.


By setting up a predictable prospecting process, targeting your ideal client profile.

Increase the lifetime value of your clients by 2x - 4x.

Because you will generate a lot more revenue. Turn that $50k web design proposal into a $120k web + marketing engagement.



By building out ancillary products/services that your clients are already using and would otherwise go to other agencies for.

Build your recurring revenue.

Because it provides a predictable cash flow which will help you sleep at night and significantly grow your agency valuation with investors.



By introducing offerings with monthly retainers and costs. Ex. support, hosting, SEO, content development, consulting, etc.